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Mahogany Round Head Plugs - 7/16"

Item #: OY716
RH Mahogany M-Web

The 7/16" premium Mahogany Round Head Plugs have tapered sides to ensure a tight fit. They are designed to provide a decorative look for furniture and other woodworking applications. Round Head Plugs, often referred to as "Oval Tops" have a smooth rounded top and a tapered tenon. These little beauties plug screw holes in railings, cabinets, and just about anything where you need to hide a sunken fastener - with style.


  • Diameter tolerance +/- 0.005"
  • Sorted for defects
  • End Grain
  • Made in USA
Price: $64.90 $49.90 $47.40 $44.90
Quantity: 1 M 5 M 25 M 100 M

(Prices are per 1,000 pieces)

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