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Mahogany Buttons - 3/4"

Item #: BY34
B Mahogany M-web

The 3/4" premium Mahogany wood buttons are mushroom in shape with a tapered tenon to ensure a tight fit. They are designed to be used in furniture as well as other woodworking applications. These buttons give a distinctive look to furniture projects. The mushroom button plugs are typically used by woodworkers during furniture and other wood project assembly. The standard mushroom button plug has a mushroom like shape with a tapered tenon for easy insertion into screw holes. The bottom of each plug is slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole while the top of the tenon is slightly larger. This design eliminates the risk of plugs not fitting due to hole size variances while offering a decorative look that can resemble rivets. The mushroom button plug can be removed easier than other plug profiles due to the lip that extends past the sides of the tenon.


  • Diameter tolerance +/- 0.005"
  • Sorted for defects
  • Also available in Long Tenon and Sta-Put styles
  • Made in USA

Price: $125.35 $110.35 $104.85 $99.30
Quantity: 1 M 5 M 25 M 100 M

(Prices are per 1,000 pieces)

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