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Poplar Compressed Bung 2"

Item #: BGP2X

The 2" Poplar Compressed Bungs are very similar to the standard poplar bungs except for the sides. While the standard poplar bungs have a 5-degree cut taper, the taper on the compressed bungs is compressed, or "squeezed", using our patented technique. These are used when a very tight seal is desired because when the bung comes in contact with the liquid, the compressed sides expand. While these have historically been used for beer barrels because of the carbonation pushing up on the bung, they been growing in popularity with spirit barrels due to the importance of achieving maximum yield. With the industry standard 5-degree taper, our bungs are designed to ensure a perfect fit into tapered holes. The standard 2” diameter fits the majority of 53-gallon spirit barrels.


  • Compressed sides for super tight seal
  • 0.905" thick
  • Top diameter tolerance +0.020" /- 0.000"
  • Made in U.S.A.

Must be ordered in quantities of 600

Price: $0.30 $0.26
Quantity: 600 19200

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