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Poplar Serrated Bung 2-1/16"

Item #: BGPSER2116

The 2-1/16" Poplar Serrated Bungs are identical to the standard poplar bungs except for the sides. While the standard poplar bungs have smooth sides, the poplar serrated bungs have small grooves running around the side of the bung, parallel to the top and bottom. These grooves allow the bung to "grip" the sides better, creating a tighter seal with less chance of evaporation. Poplar expands well to create a tight seal but is also soft enough to eliminate any risk of damaging the barrel. With the industry standard 5-degree taper, our bungs are designed to ensure a perfect fit into tapered holes. Custom diameters and thicknesses are also available upon request.


  • Serrated sides for maximum grip
  • Standard 5-degree taper
  • Top diameter tolerance +0.020" /- 0.000"
  • Made in U.S.A.

Must be ordered in quantities of 550

Price: $0.35 $0.30
Quantity: 550 17600

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